Heroes for Haiti 2017

Heroes for Haiti 2017

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Event Details

This is a CrossFit fundraiser to support the Cima School of Hope in Haiti. The WOD has been designed to mimic the physical challenges that Haitians face on a daily basis – and is scaleable to allow anyone to participate. For athletes in the greater-Cincinnati area, you are invited to complete the WOD at KW CrossFit. For those of you who live further away, you can complete the WOD in your home gym, while competing against individuals from all over the world.

What does my registration fee and/or donation pay for?

Your registration allows you to participate in this competition, but more importantly, your registration fee will go to raise funds for the Cima School of Hope in Haiti. The funds from the inaugural competition in 2013 were used to purchase land for the main school building. In 2014, the funds were used to purchase a well for the school and the village of Cima. In 2015 & 2016, the funds went toward the construction of the new school building – which is estimated to cost $150,000. In 2017, we’re planning to use the funds to complete the school!

What if I can’t do some of the movements prescribed, can I still compete?

Yes!!!!! The WOD will be scaleable for anyone to complete it. You don’t need to be a CrossFitter to participate.

What if I want donate more than the registration fee?

We are suggesting, at a minimum, a $30 registration fee, but you are welcome to put amounts larger than that! That would be awesome! You can actually sponsor a child for $255 per year. This pays for tuition, books, and a uniform. You can also buy books for the kids – which range from $24/student in the Kindergarten to $60/student in the 6th grade, a uniform for $35/student, and/or a desk & chair for $20 each.

What if I don’t want to compete but still want to donate, how do I do that?

You can still donate by going to the registration page. There will be a designation for participant or donor.

Is it possible to sponsor a student in the Cima School?

Yes! You have the option to sponsor a student for $255 per year. This includes tuition, books, and uniform.

Event WODS

HaitiWOD 2017

Heroes for Haiti WOD 10 min AMRAP 20 alternating lunge in place with plate (45/25) The children are often seen carrying objects or water long distances to or from their homes 40 ground-to-overhead with plate We have provided a well with clean drinking water, but the kids and families need to pump the well. This movement emulates the pumping they must do to get the life-sustaining water. 20 alternating lunge in place with plate They need to get the water back to their homes, some which can be up to a mile away 40 Push ups with hands on plate Every day is a struggle for most of our kids. Many are malnourished, sick, and tired, but they push through each day going to school and helping their family. 20 alternating lunge in place with plate We often see the bigger kids carrying the smaller kids to and from school. 40 step ups with plate (24"/20") While we are providing a school for these kids, we ask the parents to provide shoes, taking some ownership for their child’s education. This may not sound like much, but it can be a significant undertaking for some parents. 20 alternating lunge in place with plate In spite of the hardship and poverty, the kids at our school love to play and run, just like any other young kids. We see them playing soccer or chasing each other during their recess periods or when they are not in school.

Event Info:

Heroes for Haiti 2017

Date: Oct. 21, 2017

Location: 637c Redna Terrace, Woodlawn OH

Registration: $30.00




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