12 month Civil Service...

Student Unlimited (17 ...

  • This membership allows an unlimited number of attendances for high school students 17 and under and not associated with other family members.

2 Classes/Week

  • This plan allows for two visits a week or 8 visits a month to any of the classes and times offered.

2 Classes/Week - 12 mo...

  • This is a 12 month contract for attendance of 2 classes a week or 8 classes a month.

Monthly Unlimited - Si...

  • Person has unlimited access to all classes and all times.

Monthly Unlimited - Di...

  • Allows for unlimited access to all classes and all times. This discounted rate is for teachers, students, firemen and policemen.

2 Classes/Week -Second...

  • This is a discounted rate for a second family member to attend 2 classes a week or 8 classes a month.

12 Month Pre-Pay Unlim...

Unlimited Second Famil...

Monthly Unlimited-Sing...

  • Unlimited 6 month contract

2 Classes/Week -Second...

  • This allows a second family member to have two visits per week to any classes KW provides or 8 visits in a month.

2x week pre-pay 6 month

  • Pays for two visits a week for 6 months

Foundations group Disc...

  •  Foundations discount for groups of two or more 

Additional Family Memb...


  • Foundations is where you are taught the foundational movements of CrossFit that will allow one to enter the CrossFit classes and feel confident about their movements. 

Attendance Packs / Punch Cards

Drop In Punchcard

  • 10 Attendance Pack

    10 class punch card

6 Week Body Transformation Program - BNI

  • 18 Attendance Pack

    6 Week body transformation program for BNI members

Six Week Fitness Challenge

  • 18 Attendance Pack

    This pays for the 6 week Fitness Challenge

Personal Training Packages

1 hr personal training

  • 1 Attendance Pack

    One hour of personal training.

Oly Personal Training - Dave

  • 1 Attendance Pack

    For one hour of personal training.

* plus any applicable taxes